Are you breathing correctly to hit those HIGH NOTES?

It is very common to hear of someone that really wants to push their vocal to new levels and increase there range but allot the time they don't have the exiting support to get there.  That support being enough stable and repeatable breathe that can allow their body and vocal chords to expand and really push higher to hit higher notes.  Maybe you're not one of these people but the majority of singers don't warm their vocals up enough before they sing, and the consequence is not achieving the desired vocal ability to hit high and low notes, and sadly actually injuring the vocal chords.

This repeated action of chronic abuse over time develops into a condition like nodules that can permanently harm the vocal chords, and take you out from singing for good if you're not careful.  So what can you do to avoid this, but still achieve great singing results?  Warm your vocals up 15-30min effectively before you sing, its easy to warm them up if you can sing a major scale, loosen the jaw and tongue by singing chocolate cookie, chocolate cookie, chocolate cookie yum yum yum (repeat).

Take slow deep breathes to relax and allow your whole body to sing instead just trying to push your vocal chords.  After you have song for many years a well trained singer doesn't have to just push one muscle but they can be relaxed and allow the whole body to crescendo into a riff, or sustain a vibrato for a long time. Those depth breathes allow the brain and the body to work together instead your brain telling your body to be nervous and tense up your muscles before a performance.  This all plays significantly into your ability to sing well, and to still sound good and last through a 2 hour performance on stage.

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Does Anointed Indie Worship Music Still Exist in the Evangelical Church?

The world of music moves fast these days- sometimes too fast with new albums coming out every day and every week. And really if you aren't on top of things the average listener will miss most good music and sometimes will even miss out on their favorite band or artist new music just because of all the info that's thrown at us on a daily basis. I know its great to have an iPhone or maybe the new iPad 2 or iPad mini- (frankly I think the Mini is too small for me, I prefer the bigger screen) But don't you ever feel like sometimes simpler really is better? We always want great info at our finger tips but think of the time spent on Google or whatever search engine of choice actually searching to find it? I know sometimes I often wonder how much time I would save if I got all the best info I wanted but somehow had it all piped together, or maybe with music hand it delivered on one e-mail or one website with just great music that I don't have to weed through all the crap.
The great thing about the internet is it has allowed websites with great info to keep us updated with new artist, tour info, free new downloads from websites like noise trade or other great sites, and really put the user, or in this case the listener with info they really want to not miss out on when great music is coming out! And yes, great music is coming out all the time or your favorite band may be coming to your city.
But in the world of worship music there are those that dominate the scene and there are those that release really cool music through websites, sometimes even too cool for Christian music, or really too cool for Christian radio in general. One of those mainstays that every worship leader draws from is definitely CCLI, but have you ever felt like me that there was allot more great worship and praise songs out there, but they weren't being given attention to by CCLI gatekeepers? I think this where Bethel Music has really found its niche, not only do they offer incredible anointed music but they keep everything in-house. That is with creating records, handling publishing, and selling cd's, mp3's, merchandise etc. And just like artist John Mark McMillan (who was able to raise $70K on his own to fund his music) worship leaders or worship artist really don't need Integrity Music to find great worship songs or to even get their music out now. The world is getting smaller in one sense because the internet, and with the creating artist leveling the playing field. And yes it's for the better, it's for the common man, not the Christian worship machines that keep pumping out random religious noise, and the little guy now has the chance to succeed!
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Simple Tips to Learn How to Sing Higher

To correctly learn how to sing high notes higher, begin by avoiding pushing and straining your voice, which can damage vocal cords. You actually need less air because vocal cords stretch when you learn how to sing high notes.

Simple tips to learn how to sing higher; include learning how to mix the chest and head voice for a smooth blend with no cracks or breaks, and in bringing your head voice down and expanding your voice in finding how to sing high notes. Among the simple tips to learn how to sing higher is to practice singing staccato to expand your range.